A Study of the Landscape Narrative of Tibetan Variety Shows --The example of The Tibetan Youth


  • XIN HOU Neijiang normal university


Tibetan youth, Program Innovation, Image Deep Description, Cultural Subjectivity


Tibetan cultural images, as an important component of minority cultural images, are an indispensable part of the Chinese film and television system. While television is the most popular platform for the creation and dissemination of images, the practice and presentation of images related to Tibetan culture are concentrated in the film medium. Tibetan Youth is the first domestic Tibetan culture promotion and singing program created by SCTV and KBTV in cooperation with Panda Dreamworks, which is an innovative attempt to disseminate Tibetan culture in the field of television. It has made a breakthrough in TV program mode, theme, audio-visual application and promotion, but there are also problems of landscape narrative such as insufficient "deep description" of images on the surface form and lack of "main position" perspective. It is worth considering and discussing how the creators of TV programs can break through these difficulties, enhance cultural subjectivity in TV programs, break the stereotypical imagination of others, and promote the development and innovation of Tibetan TV programs.




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