Contemporary Greek Poetry as World Literature


  • Ritwik Ghosh St. Xavier's University, India



Greek poetry, World literature, Comparative literature, Translation


In this paper, I argue that Greek poetry is a living tradition characterized by a diversity of voices and styles and that Greek poetry is a vital part of contemporary World Literature. The diversity of voices in contemporary Greek poetry gives it both aesthetic value and political relevance. Greek poetry, as it survives translation into a number of languages, including English, gives us a model for the successful translation of texts in both World literature and Comparative literature. A thematic analysis of some poems is presented in this paper. The aim is not to chronicle the contemporary Greek poetic production but to show how Greek poetic tradition continues to expand beyond national boundaries. 




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Ghosh, R. (2021). Contemporary Greek Poetry as World Literature. International Journal of English and Comparative Literary Studies , 2(3), 71-78.