Teacher-Parent Communications to Foster Learners’ Performance in English

Cheryl Dalapo Anub


Purpose: This action research aimed to determine the effectiveness of Teacher-Parent Communications in fostering the learners' performance in English of Francisco L. Adlaon High School, Carmen 2 District. It particularly examined the learners' performance in English before and after the intervention.

Approach/Methodology/Design: The study is quantitative and utilized a descriptive research design. A self-made summative test was utilized in the study. Eight (8) learners underperforming in English were subjected to the intervention through a pretest and post-test research design. With the help of their parents, learners were exposed to contextualized modules suited to their grade level.

Findings: The findings revealed that there was an increase of 5.25 points from 80.88 which is “Satisfactory” to 86.13 which is “Very Satisfactory” on the learners’ performance in English.

Practical Implications: This study provides valuable insights for educators, schools, and policymakers, emphasizing the need for fostering effective communication channels between teachers and parents to support students’ language learning and overall academic success.

Originality/value: The findings contribute to the existing body of knowledge by emphasizing the role of teacher-parent collaboration as a solution to academic problems and highlighting its significance in enhancing students' performance.

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Cheryl Dalapo Anub
anubcheryl@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Dalapo Anub, C. (2023). Teacher-Parent Communications to Foster Learners’ Performance in English. Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences, 4(2), 24-31. https://doi.org/10.47631/mejress.v4i2.621

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