Embracing Entrepreneurial Change: Enterprising In Yemen Compared With Other Least Developed Countries

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Mugaahed Abdu Kaid Saleh
Dr. Manjunath K.R.


Purpose: The stud aims to compare the status of entrepreneurship activities and the encouragement of entrepreneurship in the five least-developed countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Sudan, and Yemen.

Approach/Methodology/Design: A comparative method is adopted, a comparison of the status of entrepreneurship among five different least developed countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Sudan, and Yemen). By relying on secondary data, with the help of tabulation and visualization of the data, four main variables are used to compare entrepreneurship in these countries (Definition, development, obstacles, and reforms).

Findings: The results showed that the least developed countries do not pay much attention to the sector of SMEs as a crucial sector for economic development. Among the five countries, Rwanda is found to be the reference point in achieving remarkable development in the aspect of entrepreneurial development.

Practical Implications: Based on the different experiences examined in the study, a model of the key drivers of entrepreneurial change is suggested. It would act as a roadmap to drive the economy towards achieving entrepreneurial change as in the case of Rwanda.

Originality/value: The study proposes a model for embracing entrepreneurial change which can be tested and validated in further research work. The study also attempts to attract the attention of policymakers and international development partners towards the importance of encouraging entrepreneurship activities in the least developed countries.

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Saleh, M. A. K., & K.R., M. (2021). Embracing Entrepreneurial Change: Enterprising In Yemen Compared With Other Least Developed Countries. Journal of Advanced Research in Economics and Administrative Sciences, 2(4), 1-22. https://doi.org/10.47631/jareas.v2i4.336