One-Stop Administration System: Public Service Innovation in the Indonesian Public Sector

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Zulfan Nahruddin
Wahdania Suardi


Purpose: The study aims to explore the several public service innovations and the role of one-stop administration systems.

Approach/Methodology/Design: The study presents a review of literature on public service innovations. A number of research articles were analysed, highlighting the success of one-stop administration innovations.

Findings: In Indonesia, there have been several public service inventions as well as multiple Samsat service developments. In the sense of public services, innovation can be characterized as service quality improvement by renewal, imagination, or new development. A host of Samsat offices in Indonesia's different regions have innovated. In addition to the Samsat Drive Through, which received the Top 99 Public Service Innovations 2018, there were also innovations, West Java Samsat Ngabret, which established 5 innovation services, and the most recent, East Java Samsat, which launched the first innovation in Indonesia, namely paying motorized vehicle taxes and legalizing annual vehicle registration online. Socialization of the general population must be expanded in order to introduce programs to the general public, and server upgrades must be made in order to maintain service efficiency

Practical Implications: The study presents a theoretical foregrounding for further research on one-stop administration systems. This paper identifies certain gaps, and further research studies might address the effectiveness of some of these one-stop administration systems.

Originality/value:  The study highlights the successful public service innovations in Indonesia and how people perceive the projects.

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Nahruddin, Z. ., & Suardi, W. . (2021). One-Stop Administration System: Public Service Innovation in the Indonesian Public Sector. Journal of Advanced Research in Economics and Administrative Sciences, 2(3), 130-137.