Motivation toward English Language Learning among Iraqi University Students

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Saleh Jebrael Saleh
Shahen Jamal Majeed


Purpose: This study aimed to examine motivation toward learning the English Language among learners from different universities in Iraq. The study focused on identifying   the type of, instrumental and integrative, and also the activities that learners prefer to use in the classroom.

Methodology/Approach/Design: The study applied both qualitative and quantitative design. The instruments used in the study included questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. A sample of 200 participants were engaged in an online survey and filled the questionnaire questions. An interview through zoom was also conducted with the selected group of learners.

Results: The findings of the study revealed that learners were motivated more instrumentally as compared to integratively. It was also evident that the students were interested in different learning activities.

Practical Implication: This study will have a greater contribution to the pedagogy of English language learning. The findings of the study might be used by curriculum developers to make changes and implement the best techniques of teaching English in the Iraqi EFL curriculum.

Originality/Value: The results of this study may make the university teachers and students aware of the significance of motivation in enhancing the English learning process. Also, the findings may make university teachers more creative in developing interactive learning activities that will be suitable for students.

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Saleh, S. J., & Majeed, S. J. (2021). Motivation toward English Language Learning among Iraqi University Students. Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences, 2(3), 46-56.