The Magic and Mysteries of Teaching ESL

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Dan Manolescu


The present review article aims to emphasize the importance of ESL as a relevant tool, not only in education, but in global communication as well. While different approaches to the teaching of ESL and its methodological implications still pose challenges to teachers and learners all over the world, educators should be made aware of the colossal power of this new tool that plays such an important role in teaching and learning about other cultures, in exchanging ideas and new concepts, and eventually in making the world a better place to live, learn, and grow. Four basic principles are introduced and discussed in detail, with a focus on the idea that lessons should be interesting, informative, communicative, and motivating. ESL, with its magic and mysteries, may very well be a formidable tool in learning not only about language, but also about the way we communicate with each other.   

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Manolescu, D. . (2021). The Magic and Mysteries of Teaching ESL. Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences, 2(3), 122-128.