Thyroid Function and Physical Activity among a Sample of Patients Attending Murjan Hospital in Hilla City/Iraq

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Nisreen Mohee Mohammed
Atta Ah Mousa Al-Sarray
Jawad kidhim Al-diwan


Background: Physical activity can also enhance thyroid function. Exercising can be challenging when experiencing exhaustion, but it is crucial for managing hypothyroidism. Objective of study : To determine a correlation between thyroid function and physical activity, as well as anthropometric measurements Patients and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 348 patients with thyroid dysfunction who were attending a diabetes and endocrinology center in AL Hilla City, Iraq . the data collection for five months from march 2023- august 2023. Results : The study shows that a higher proportion of thyroid dysfunction regarding to BMI  in obese category was (32.2%) followed by overweight(29.3%),morbid obese(24.4%)  and lower proportion in normal weight was (14.9%).with mean (30.92 ±5.42SD).according to waist to hip ratio ,a higher percentage(53.2%) at risk followed by (28.7%) average,(12.6%) was good and lower percentage (5.5%) of waist to hip ratio was excellent. The present study found a higher percentage (41.7%) of waist to height ratio was obese followed by(21.0%) was overweight,(19.5%) was healthy and lower percentage was (17.8%).according to physical activity ,a higher percentage (50.0%) was low level followed by (46.3%) was moderate level and (3.7%) was vigorous level. A significant association found between anthropometric measurement  and thyroid dysfunction except height found no significant, also found significant connection between thyroid dysfunction and international physical activity questionnaire score, and significant connection between thyroid stimulating hormones and family history, anthropometric measurements. And also significant connection between thyroid function test and thyroid dysfunction. Conclusion: significant association between hypothyroidism and low level of physical activity , obesity and morbid obesity.

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Mohammed, N. M., Al-Sarray, A. A. M. ., & Al-diwan, J. kidhim . (2024). Thyroid Function and Physical Activity among a Sample of Patients Attending Murjan Hospital in Hilla City/Iraq. Journal of Scientific Research in Medical and Biological Sciences, 5(2), 20-30.