Efficiency of the Educational Material in Enhancing Nurses' Understanding of Endotracheal Suctioning at Iraq/Kirkuk City

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Ali Abbas Raoof
Younus Khdur Baeez


Background: Endotracheal suction (ETS) is a regular invasive procedure that removes accumulated pulmonary secretions manually in order to maintain the patient's airways while they have an endotracheal tube in place. Objectives: To determine the effectiveness of an educational program on nurse’s knowledge regarding endotracheal suctioning at critical care unit in Kirkuk teaching hospital. Design of the Study: Quasi-experimental/ pre-post-test design conducted from October 2023 to March 2024 in order to achieve the objectives of the present study. Sample of the Study: Non Probability sampling / A purposive sample of (46) critical care unit nurses. Tools of data collection: Two tools were utilized for data collection: The tool I - Structure interview questionnaire schedule for assessment of nurses` knowledge. The tool II - Observation checklist for evaluation of nurses` practices. Results: Majority of nurses` knowledge levels toward endotracheal suctioning before implementing educational program, (82.6%) were poor. After implementing educational program, most of them improved their knowledge level to (37%) Adequate and (19.6%) good. Conclusion: Endotracheal suctioning knowledge of nurses are positively impacted by educational intervention related to this procedure. Recommendation: conduct regular training sessions (workshops and lectures) that are grounded in empirical studies to raise nurses' proficiency in endotracheal suctioning.

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Raoof, A. A., & Baeez, Y. K. (2024). Efficiency of the Educational Material in Enhancing Nurses’ Understanding of Endotracheal Suctioning at Iraq/Kirkuk City. Journal of Scientific Research in Medical and Biological Sciences, 5(2), 13-19. https://doi.org/10.47631/jsrmbs.v5i2.741