Indications of Cesarean Section at Al-Wahdah Teaching Hospital, Dhamar, Yemen

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Amat Al-Khaleq Mehrass
Aisha A. Sawal
Amani H. Al- Hajji
Manal M. Mehrass
Mosherah M. Hasan
Nawal H. Khalil
Wejdan A. Al- Razagy


Purpose: Because of the lack of information about the incidence of cesarean section and its indicators in Yemen, particularly in Dhamar Governorate, this study aimed to evaluate the incidence of cesarean section and identify the most common indications for cesarean section in Al- Wahdah Teaching Hospital, in Dhamar Governorate, Yemen.

Subjects and Methods: A descriptive study was conducted on 393 at Al- Wahdah Teaching Hospital to estimate the incidence and indications of cesarean section in the hospital. The data were collected using a pre-tested questionnaire over a period of one month.

Results: The overall rate of cesarean section was 55.5% (218/ 393). Among the 218, 61.9% were emergency while 38.1 % were elective cesarean sections. The maternal age for patients undergoing cesarean section ranged from 16 to 40 years, 23.9% were under 20 years, 66.5% were from 20- 35 years, and 9.6% were more than 35 years. The majority of mothers who gave birth by cesarean section were multigravida “43.1%” of which 42.7% (93) were multipara and 72% had no abortion. The majority of mothers had term pregnancy 90.8% (198), and 54.6% (119) had limited antenatal care. The most common indication was previous cesarean section 22.5%, followed by contracted pelvis 22% and obstructed labor 20.6%.

Conclusions: In our study, the rate of cesarean section is higher than recommended by WHO. Most of them were emergency cesarean sections. The most common indication was a previous cesarean section, followed by the contracted pelvis and obstructed labor.

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Mehrass, A. A.-K., Sawal, A. A. ., Al- Hajji, A. H. ., Mehrass, M. M., Hasan, M. M. ., Khalil, N. H. ., & Al- Razagy, W. A. . (2022). Indications of Cesarean Section at Al-Wahdah Teaching Hospital, Dhamar, Yemen. Journal of Scientific Research in Medical and Biological Sciences, 3(3), 1-9.