Novel Strategies to Improve CAR-T Cells in Solid Tumors: Mini Review

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Manal Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed


PurposeThe paper reviews the obstacles that face CAR-T cells in solid tumors and the suggested novel strategies to overcome these obstacles in association with the efficacy as well as the safety profile of CAR-T cell therapy.

Subjects and Methods:  This is a systematic review exploring the novel strategies to improve CAR-T cells in solid tumors.

Results:  Several strategies have been developed, including: 1) targeting multiple  antigens; 2) improving trafficking of CAR-T cells into tumor tissues; 3) Preventing the immunosuppression of TME on CAR-T cells by different approaches such as  blocking the recruitment of MDSCs or TAM  in TME, saving CAR-T cells viability from exhaustion by blocking negative signals, and enhancement of CAR-T cells persistence activity by blocking PD-1/PDL-1 pathway in TME, 4) designing novel CAR-T cells to prevent the exhaustion; and 5) inducing a self T cells response in the tumor-bearing host to prevent tumor escape and enhance CAR-T cells activity.

Conclusions: Recent researches about CAR-T cells therapy carries new hope for targeting solid tumors.

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Ahmed, M. M. E. (2022). Novel Strategies to Improve CAR-T Cells in Solid Tumors: Mini Review. Journal of Scientific Research in Medical and Biological Sciences, 3(3), 36-47.