The Effect of Extract of Canarian Nuts on Reduction of Total Cholesterol Levels of Hyperglicemic Rat

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Reski Pebriani
Nurhaedar Jafar
Healthy Hidayanti
Ummu Salamah


Purpose: This study aims to determine the effect of walnut extract (Canariumindica) on the total cholesterol levels of hyperglycemic Wistar rats (Rattusnorvegicus L).    

Methods: Experimental research with pre-post-test control design. The samples in this study were 28 rats induced by alloxan to become hyperglycemic. The test animals were divided into four groups, each consisting of seven: negative control (Na CMC 1%), positive control (metformin 150 mg / Kg BW), walnut extract group 300 mg / Kg BW (0.06g / 200gr BW), and extract 600 mg / Kg BW (0.12 / 200g BW). The intervention was given walnut extract for 21 days. Total cholesterol levels were measured by the Easytouch Multi-Monitoring System. This study used SPSS with paired t-test and ANOVA test.

Result: The results showed a significant reduction in cholesterol levels in all groups after treatment (p <0.05). There was a significant difference in the reduction of total cholesterol levels between groups with a value of p = 0.037. The results of the posthoc test showed a difference in the reduction in total cholesterol levels between the 300 extract group, 1% Na CMC, and metformin and the 600 extract group with 1% Na CMC p-value<0.05, there was no difference between the 600 extract group and the metformin group. p> 0.05. Walnutextractwaseffective in reducing alloxan-induced fasting blood sugar levels of mice.

Conclusion: Total cholesterol levels in hyperglycemic rats experienced a significant decrease after 21 days of intervention with walnut extract 300 and 600 mg/kg BW, but only walnut extract at a dose of 600 mg/kg BW had the same effectiveness as metformin.

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Pebriani, R. ., Jafar, N. ., Wahiduddin, Hidayanti, H. ., Burhanuddin, & Ummu Salamah. (2021). The Effect of Extract of Canarian Nuts on Reduction of Total Cholesterol Levels of Hyperglicemic Rat. Journal of Scientific Research in Medical and Biological Sciences, 2(1), 19-29.