Game of Organizational Politics Leading to Turnover Intention

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Amir Ali Khushk
Zhang Zengtian
Nasir Aman


Purpose: This study investigated the role of job pressure in the relationship between organizational politics and turnover intent among faculty members in universities in Pakistan. This study also assessed the impact of politics at the workplace among faculty members in the universities of Pakistan

Methodology/Approach/Design: This study was performed in Pakistan, using primary data collected through a questionnaire. The total number of participants was 270. A convenient sampling technique was employed for selecting the sample. The majority of the respondents were from the Punjab province followed by Sindh province, KPK, and Baluchistan. Two independent variables perceived organizational politics and job stress, and one dependent variable, Turnover intention, were considered for this research. Reliability analysis and multiple regressions were used as data analysis in this study.

Results: The independent variable i:e Perceived organizational politics selected for the research is found to be positive and significant with relation to the dependent variable i:e Turnover Intention. This means the management can predict the turnover intention of employees by taking into consideration the variables such as organizational politics, and mediating variable- job stress.

Practical Implications: The practical implication of this research will help the management to control the effects of politics in the organization on the job of faculty members and design policies and training to engage and deal with the stress caused by organizational politics and retain the employees and decrease the turnover rate in universities.

Originality/Value: This is one of the few studies that evaluate the effect of politics on turnover intention due to job stress in the context of Universities. This is important for both academia and scholars alike. Numerous studies recently paid attention to the impact of work politics on turnover intent. Thus, this analysis would aggregate the variable of past studies along with job stress, to check the effect on turnover intention.

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Khushk, A. A., Zengtian , Z. ., & Aman , N. (2021). Game of Organizational Politics Leading to Turnover Intention. Journal of Advanced Research in Economics and Administrative Sciences, 2(2), 35-49.