Recruiting Reviewers


Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences (MEJRESS) is an international open access and peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality research in education and social sciences. The editorial board is recruiting reviewers for the journal. If you are interested to be a reviewer, kindly email either your CV, ORCID, Scopus ID, or Google Scholar link to




The editorial board is recruiting reviewers for the journal. Please note that it is a voluntary activity and hence no financial remuneration will be given to the reviewers. The language of the work is English. The medium of the work is online.


Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Reviewers and editors determine which works are of quality and significance.


  1. Possess a doctoral degree in a discipline related closely to the journal.
  2. Hold a teaching or research position at a university or academic institution.
  3. Be fluent in academic and professional English.
  4. Have a strong interest in the scholarly activity of the journal.
  5. Work quickly and accurately under tight deadlines.