Immunity Boosting Medicinal Plants to Beat Covid -19 in Seraj Block of Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh

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Manju Lata
Mohammad Jamali


Purpose: This study aimed to document the present status of medicinal plants used to boost the immunity to combat Coronavirus.

Materials and Methods: For the assessment and use of herbs during the Covid 19 pandemic, surveys were conducted in different villages of  Seraj block. The surveys were conducted during the spread of the pandemic from 2020 to 2021. Local people were interviewed and information on the utilization of local herbs during this pandemic was recorded. Information on parts used, the procedure of use, habit, habitat, etc. was also collected.

Results: A total of 58 species of medicinal plants from 27 families and 42 genera were documented. Among them, the most dominant family was Rosaceae.  Most of the plants such as Morchella sp, Naustratium officinale,Taraxacum officinale ,Urtica dioica ,Allium sp,Withania foraminifera, Curcuma longa, Cannabis, Mentha, Ocimum sanctum are rich in antioxidants and have a wide range of medicinal values used to treat cough, cold, fever, and bronchitis. All these plants were used traditionally to boost immunity. Due to the covid -19 pandemic, the utilization of these herbal plants has increased many folds in the area. These medicinal plants should be made available to scientists to design clinical trials. Integration of this concept would certainly develop drug therapy in the near future.

Conclusion: The study found that the use of medicinal plants has increased during COVID-19 and most of the respondents recommended medicinal plants to prevent COVID-19 and to boost immunity. More studies should be conducted to develop certain formulations.

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Lata, . M. ., & Jamali, M. . (2021). Immunity Boosting Medicinal Plants to Beat Covid -19 in Seraj Block of Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh. Journal of Scientific Research in Medical and Biological Sciences, 2(4), 44-56.