Effect of Audit Committee characteristics on Audit Quality: A Critical Literature Review

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Alaallah A. M. Sharhan
Chandan Bora


Purpose: The aim of the paper is to present a critical literature review of the impact of audit committee characteristics (ACCs) on audit quality and to identify any research gaps in the field of audit quality. The aim is also to establish, if any, research gaps in the area of audit quality and to recommend any for potential research. 

Approach/Methodology/Design: The methodology of this study is a review of literature on audit committee characteristics and audit quality. A number of research articles were analyzed.

Findings: The results of this review of literature revealed that audit committee size, audit committee meeting, and audit committee financial expertise have main effects on  the audit quality in the public and private sectors.

Practical Implications: This review article gives an opportunity to auditors, management of audit offices and other stakeholders to better understand the pillars of audit quality, factors, and framework to reinforce the quality of the financial statements. This literature review contributes to better understanding of the role of the audit committee in financial statements. It provides researchers in the field with insights and new perspectives.

Originality/value: The paper identifies certain gaps and highlights the effect of effective audit committee on regulating and improving the finance department of any institution. The study also contributes to the operating organization of knowledge on the audit quality, dimensions of audit quality, and governing frameworks. It emphasizes the audit committee’s effectiveness and also presents an opportunity to both researchers and the finance sector for potential future research.

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Sharhan, A. . A. M. ., & Bora, C. . (2020). Effect of Audit Committee characteristics on Audit Quality: A Critical Literature Review. Journal of Advanced Research in Economics and Administrative Sciences, 1(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.47631/jareas.v1i1.14